Do you use a mathematical approach to design your MATHEMAGIC geometry, and calculate in advance how many building blocks your design requires and how you will connect the building blocks? Do you know the proper name of the geometry and to which family it belongs to? Or do you let your imagination run free and will you see where it leads you?

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MATHEMAGIC is a design kit based on scientific research into so-called metamaterials, which is carried out by physicist dr. ir. Bas Overvelde and was published in the journal Nature in 2017. The work also featured in other media such as the Financial Times, The Daily Mail, De Volkskrant and the NRC Handelsblad. Want to get a feel for these metamaterials? Check out the movie made by Harvard University, or watch this TEDx talk on metamaterials by Bas Overvelde.

MATHEMAGIC is inspired by the structural diversity and foldability of prismatic geometries that can be built using origami techniques. With MATHEMAGIC you can build geometries that are based and mathematical solids such as Catalan and Johnson solids, Platonic and Archimedean solids, but also prisms and anti-prisms, that demonstrate mind-boggling reactions to external stimuli.

MATHEMAGIC is 100% Dutch design: designed by Studio Overvelde (est. 2017), the design lab of artist Sanne Overvelde-Slagman. Studio Overvelde specialises in mathematical approaches and so-called ‘architected materials’, materials that are original and extrapolations of Bas Overvelde’s cutting-edge scientific research. These new materials come to life in the interactive innovations that evoke poetic visions where people, science, technology and art conveniently collide. MATHEMAGIC is suitable for the design and construction of large and small geometries. Really, the possibilities are endless. As such, Studio Overvelde is commissioned by private actors, museums and festivals to design kinetic ceiling and wall installations fitted with motion sensors.