MATHEMAGIC DEMI-RHOMBI origami lamp | white

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  1. Building blocks (24 pcs. white)
  2. Lamp holder
  3. Fabric cord (200 cm) with switch, EU plug and E14 fitting
  4. Instruction manual [EN / NL]
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DEMI-RHOMBI is a reconfigurable origami lamp that can be installed as a ceiling lamp as well as a table or floor lamp. DEMI-RHOMBI is based on scientific research conducted by physicist dr. Ir. Bas Overvelde and  In the year 2017 was published in the magazine Nature. DEMI-RHOMBI is inspired by the structural diversity and foldability of prismatic geometry that can be built using origami techniques. DEMI-RHOMBI is in the nucleus a so-called cube, a Platonic-Body. Three of the five Platonic bodies (the cube, tetrahedron and the dodecahedron) were first described by Pythagoras around 550 BC. One and a half centuries later (427-347 BC), Plato described the other two bodies: the octahedron and the icosahedron.

Additional information


Product type: Reconfigurable ceiling, floor and/or table lamp; Function: Ambient lighting; Serial Number: L24PPZM0218; Dimensions: Max. 18x18x18 cm; Weight: 350 gr; Finish: White; Building blocks: Polypropylene (PP); Lamp holder: Polyoxymethylene (POM); Wire: Fabric cord (200cm) with EU plug; Incl. switch: No; Lamp fitting: E14 fitting; Max. power: 6W; Suitable for LED: Yes, ideally; Suitable for incandescent lamp: No, due to possible heat development this is strongly discouraged; Incl. light source: No